Service Pricing Guide

Law Works lllinois offers customization when it comes to your legal needs.

-No Hourly Rates!

-Flat Fees for Simple and Complex Cases

-Single-task Services

Law Works Illinois provides a variety of legal services for clients in need.

Attorneys with Law Works Illinois provide a comprehensive consultation and case review at a minimal cost (which is returned to the client if s/he hires the firm).  Consultation prices range from $50 to $80.

To schedule a consultation over the phone or in person, click HERE.

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Sometimes all you need is guidance along the way.  Let Law Works Illinois be in your corner throughout your case for as low as $185.00* per month.

*May be more based on case specifics


If you do not have the time, capacity, or know-how to get your case through the court system you can hire Law Works Illinois to provide traditional legal services at a reasonable monthly rate.




Basic: $405.00

  • Power of Attorney for Healthcare
  • Power of Attorney for Property
  • Simple Will

Advanced: $1050

  • Basic Package, Plus:
  • Trust
  • Notarizing Services (includes witnesses)
  • Recording Services (includes preparation and filing of Deed, Grantor/Grantee Statement, Water Statement, etc.—needs vary based on the county)

Pick your Own:

  • Codicil (Amend current Will): $200
  • Power of Attorney for Healthcare: $50
  • Power of Attorney for Property: $50
  • Simple Will: $380
  • Trust for Property: $650

At this time Law Works Illinois does not draft Special Needs Trust.  If you need to learn more, please contact us for a referral.